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Shotgun Wedding for iCal, Web
Monday 14 October 2002 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

With dubious claims of being "the best thing we've ever done," Subsume Technologies, Inc. today introduced a new service that marries web sites with Apple Computers, Inc.'s new iCal application.

"You'd have believed Steve Jobs if he said that sort of thing; why won't you believe me?" asked a surprisingly sober Subsume CEO Doc O'Leary. "Using this new technology, iCal is turned into a powerful time-based web application, with the RDF in question being not Jobs' Reality Distortion Field, but the Resource Description Framework.

After 20 minutes of rambling on about other technical details that weren't of interest to anyone else in the room but himself, O'Leary got to the point. " . . . which makes it possible for articles that appear on news sites to show up as events in iCal. This is the first significant use of this new technology to deliver dynamic content to your calendar."

With this initial rollout, the following web calendars are being tested:

O'Leary then when on about some other uninteresting things, but never once apologized about the coffee at the press conference being considerably less than hot or for the lack of variety in the doughnut selection. Subsume Technologies can be contacted with feedback and questions regarding this release at wCal (at) 2002.subsume.com. The wCal web page can be found at http://www.subsume.com/cgi-bin/go.pl?k=wCal.

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